Long For This World


February 2009 – Here We Go… The First Post

Well, hello.  Thanks for visiting.  This blog is mostly about my forthcoming novel Long For This World, but is also padded with a healthy dose of literary miscellany. 

In January I received from my editor’s assistant a 55-question Author Questionnaire.  It’s the source document they will use “to present your book to our sales and marketing teams,” she wrote.   Most of the questions inquired about group affiliations and potential market audiences; the last 13 questions fell under the category “Author’s Online Activities.”   Uh-oh, I thought.

Are you on Facebook?  Do you have a Web site?  These questions seem to have replaced What do you do? and What’s your sign? or even How’ve you been? in our social interchanges. (I can’t help but consider the contrast with traditional greetings in some African cultures–How is it with the children?–or Korean culture–Have you had breakfast?)

There are so many reasons why mass online social networking, blogging, and instant messaging (instant anything) feel just plain wrong to the writer of literary fiction.  Not wrong in a moral sense; more like an ill-fitting-shoes or bad-haircut sense.  

But more on that as we go along.  (I’d get into it now, but, well, I should try to keep posts short, right?)

For now, here we go.  Once upon a time there was the book tour.  Now we have “Author’s Online Activities.”  Please come along on this wild ride with me. 

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3 Responses to “Long For This World”

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  2. Revathi Says:

    Just finished the first reading of your book. Beautiful piece of writing. Congratulations!

    • sonyachung Says:

      Thank you so much. Appreciate your stopping by…

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