To Kindle, or To Google: Is That the Question?


26 February 2009

I’m glad Max Magee at distilled this for us last week — because even in its distilled form, it hurts my head.  Read here about the new Amazon Kindle, versus mobile Google Books.  

Will e-books take over the world?  Will the publishing industry go the way of the music industry?  Most writers hope not, and many readers too.  I just, for example, got the estimated page count for Long For This World from my publisher (288), and a little thrill shot through me.  Pages.  I started to imagine and wonder about paper stock, dimensions, font… 

But the good news, of course, is that literature will be more accessible to more people in more formats.  Theoretically.  We’ll see (cautious optimism / managed pessimism, etc.)…


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