Editors Unplugged


23 March 2009

My dear editor Alexis Gargagliano is featured in a “Q&A With Four Young Editors” article in the March/April issue of Poets & Writers Magazine.  

On the topic of self-promotion, Alexis says this:

I think there’s a stigma that it’s a negative thing. It’s really an extension of that deep involvement we were talking about earlier [in the conversation]. It’s about being really passionate about your book. It’s a way to figure out how to make the world of your book bigger, and to give other people access to it. I think it’s helpful if authors can wrap their heads around looking at it from a different perspective. I have a lot of authors who are afraid to go out there. They think it’s about them. It’s actually about the book. It’s about the writing. It’s not about you personally.

Get yourself out of the way, so that the book can have a life, she seems to be saying.  Maybe analogous to parents and their budding teenagers.  Except in this case, getting out of the way means that the writer must actually get more involved.   Wyatt Mason  has it right — a weird little business, indeed.


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