Watch Before Reading: Art-House Book Trailers


10 April 2009

Click below for an article about book trailers — that’s right short videos used to promote books, just like the movies:

Watch Before Reading: Art-House Book Trailers

I wouldn’t rule it out, the creative possibilities seem promising.  But I’m still giggling, too.  Movie trailers can be unbearably bad — you know the ones I’m talking about:  A man.  A child.  Four penguins.  And the revelation of a secret that will change their lives…forEVER.

Long for This World: The Animated Trailer?  (Only if we can have penguins!)  These days, anything is possible.


2 Responses to “Watch Before Reading: Art-House Book Trailers”

  1. Lisa N.R. Says:

    How ’bout this… A beautiful girl and a brooding artist, caught in a forbidden love. A love of abalone stew. One night, and they’ll never look at seafood the same again…

    We’re only missing Harvey Fierstein saying, “I just need four penguins, that’s all I ask. Is that so wrong?”

    • sonyachung Says:

      A movie trailer which includes the word “abalone” might just be a trailblazer… And can’t you just see Harvey? He’s screaming “Penguins!” into his hands-free cell phone while driving down a palm-tree lined boulevard in his red — no, bronze — convertible. (We should move to Hollywood, kid, you and me…)

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