Book Jacket Finis


17 May 2009

The book jacket for Long for This World is done.   Galleys next month.  Exciting?   Wish I could say yes.  It’s strange when things become “final.”  In every other part of life, completion feels good.  With creative work, there’s a tinge of melancholy.  Post-partum?

I’ve been looking at book jackets more closely lately.  Anyone seen this one yet, for Denis Johnson’s new novel?

Nobody Move


Ee-gads!  There should be a disclaimer: No books were injured in the making of this book jacket.  Still, can’t wait to read it.


5 Responses to “Book Jacket Finis”

  1. Alison G Says:

    Aw man, I thought I was going to see YOURS! TEASE!

    • sonyachung Says:

      Oops. I can see how that would appear teasy. Not actually sure if I am at liberty to go public, but I’ll find out…
      MES, thanks for the congrats!

  2. mes Says:

    (I thought it was flowers at first…)

    Congratulations on your melancholy reality! It’s exciting for the REST of us! (Applause)

  3. Lisa N.R. Says:

    We need to throw a baby shower! (Unfortunately, all I can think of is Meryl Streep in that movie where the dingo gets her baby…”it was a white jacket with a pale lemon edging…”) I’m so happy for you in this milestone, even if it is laced with melancholia. More than congratulations from me…laudation, praise, rejoicing. And trepidation for what comes next…

    • sonyachung Says:

      Thank you, LNR. Everything in its time…

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