A Kernl of Literature


26 May 2009

Welcome to summer!  I don’t know about you, but we grilled us some corn-on- the-cob over the weekend.  So it’s only fitting to blog today about Hyperion’s new “e-imprint” Kernl.  Kernls are described as “short packages of text combined with video and interactive components.”

Err?  Yeah — me perplexed too.  Clearly these are not books.

What are they?  Well, it seems they might ultimately evolve into book-like substances.  The words “incubation” and “full-length” are used in the article.  

Kernl will also eventually seek advertising.  This is the part that makes my face squinch up.  A publisher (of books) adjusting to the new market reality by turning books into something which can be advertiser-sponsored.  More likely, turning increasingly away from the production of print books, and toward the delivery of multi-media “packages.” Perhaps no surprise, since Hyperion is a division of ABC TV/Disney Media Networks.  

I am no economics guru, but I think we learned about this in high school when we studied industrialization and the rise of big business.  A little something called vertical integration?  Any business-minded folk among you, with perspectives more sophisticated than my 1980s history textbook, please chime in and enlighten.


One Response to “A Kernl of Literature”

  1. Mimi Says:

    Like a magazine, print or online?

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