Long for This World: A Novel


Welcome to the official blog site for the novel
Long for This World, by Sonya Chung.

Published by Scribner and available in stores and online now via Indiebound, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, and e-reader.

Note: my current website can be found here.


“An intricately structured and powerfully resonant portrait of lives lived at the crossroads of culture, and a family torn between the old world and the new, Long for This World marks a powerful debut from a young writer of great talent and promise.”

Kate Walbert, National Book Award finalist and 
author of
A Short History of Women


5 Responses to “Long for This World: A Novel”

  1. mary ellen Says:

    NICE! Very, very NICE! Gorgeous cover and can’t wait to read the inside. I have a policy about making sure I buy books by people I know. No library, no lending. It’s on my list! (though I might not do Amazon…)

    SO exciting!

  2. Chris K. Says:

    Hi Sonya!

    So excited about the cover and the impending publication! I’d imagine it still must seem like Mar ’09 is still a lifetime away. The wait must be torture…
    Anyway, I’ll need multiple signed copies and will patiently await the audio and the Kindle “formats”. (How crazy to speak of books “formats”.)
    Congratulations Sonya!

  3. girlgeum Says:

    Do people take their “lives” with them wherever they go, and where they end up just add to that misery or add “the something” they were desperately searching for?

    People want their own worlds that they can exchange for what they see and have now. What’s in between is what the story is made up of.

    That’s what I’m reading from the reviews of your book.

  4. Just finished reading your first and great novel yesterday.
    Funny enough, I am in a get out the vote campaign for my panel idea for ‘South by Southwest Interactive 2011’and it is titled Six Years Blogging, Lust, Love, Seven Year Itch and Love/Lust were recurrent themes, words in your book.

    Looking forward to read more from you

    ‘The French Guy from New Jersey’
    Serge the Concierge

    • sonyachung Says:

      Thank you, Serge. Glad you enjoyed the book, especially since you are a “French guy.” Good luck with your panel campaign!

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