Long for This World on Facebook


15 August 2009

Long For This World now has a Facebook Fan Page.  Go here to become a Fan.

I’ve written here on this blog quite a bit about the weirdness of Facebook. (Even weirder is the idea of encouraging people to “become a fan”; once I set up the page, I “became a fan” of myself, and that was kind of surreal.)  I’m not honestly sure what a Facebook Fan Page is for, but I’ve been advised by good people I trust that it’s worth setting up and seeing how it flows.  Mostly I’ll post short updates on book-production progress, events, and other book-release related tidbits.  

Maybe it’s sort of like when women are pregnant and they update their friends and family throughout the nine months — I’ve gained 16 pounds(ugh)… We know the gender! (but if we told you we’d have to kill you)…  Finally stopped vomiting!…  Set up the Education IRA today!…  Painted the nursery yellow!

This blog has become rather meandering (enjoyably so) since I started it in February.  I guess the FB page is where, six-and-a-half months now to release, I get more focused.  If you’re inclined, do join me (and bring your friends along), and I’ll try to keep it inn-er-esting.


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