Miranda & Blair by Sonya Chung


21 August 2009

A package arrived in the mail the other day from my mother.

Miranda & Blair

As it turns out, Long for This World is not my first book.  Miranda & Blair, the story of two girls, best friends, who have a big fight but then make up and become best friends again, was in fact my first book.


Elephant and Mice

I have almost no recollection of writing Miranda & Blair.   This elephant’s behind does look familiar, however.  Apparently, Miranda and Blair take a trip to the zoo together; an elephant escapes; pandemonium ensues; four (blind?) mice save the day.


About the Author

“This is her first book and hopefully not her last.”  Ha!  That’s funny.  Who knew?  Even funnier… the book I am now working on is called Sebastian & Frederick —about a friendship between two boys (who reconnect years later as grown men).  Hmm… I wonder if I can work an elephant into the story line…


2 Responses to “Miranda & Blair by Sonya Chung”

  1. Lisa N.R. Says:

    Your mom saving it is the best part! How did precious relic survive? She knew it was your destiny, Luke.

  2. I hope you’re working on a graphic novel now! That elephant butt is priceless.

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