I Have a New Gig


3 September 2009

As of September, I have officially joined The Millions as a regular contributor.  

If you don’t already know it, The Millions is an excellent literary blog.  Founded by Max Magee in 2003 — one of the first, and one of the best of the lit-blogs, in my humble opinion — one might go as far as to consider it The New York Times of lit-blogs.   Which I suppose means different things to different people, but the quality I’m trying to convey with the analogy is its indispensability, in the universe of literary news, reviews, interviews, and book-topic explorations.   

The truth is that when I first began exploring literary blogs, I was overwhelmed.  There were so many, and I didn’t have either the wherewithal (those of you who read this blog regularly know that I am a person distinctly lacking in wherewithal) or the time to read 10 blogs regularly.  So I did the rounds for a little while, and The Millions clicked for me — the topics, the writers’ voices and insights, the wide range of reading tastes; it lacked the pretension and huber-hipness that sometimes turns one off from certain literary communes.  It did not seem so in love with its own smarty-pantsness, and yet, man, such smarty pants’s.    

So I started reading it regularly, and then eventually foisted myself upon Max Magee as a guest poster (gracious, clear-headed Max).  Five posts later, and here we are; literarily consummated.

You’ll find my posts there about twice a month.  I’ll post links here, and if you’re on Facebook, I’ll post there, too.  Come on by, tell your friends.


4 Responses to “I Have a New Gig”

  1. Eric Says:

    Congrats. I think of The Millions in pretty much the same way, the Times.

  2. Sean Gaffney Says:


  3. Danny Says:


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