The Atlantic for Every Meal


22 September 2009

I’d been paring down on print periodicals, mostly for financial reasons; but then NPR was offering a subscription to The Atlantic Monthly for its membership premium, and I couldn’t resist.

Some absorbing articles in the September issue:

On Quentin Tarantino‘s INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS and why it’s high time a Gentile made a Holocaust revenge film (interview by Jeffrey Goldberg)

Caitlin Flanagan‘s (author of To Hell With All That) impassioned ode to Elizabeth Edwards (and evisceration of  Rielle Hunter, via Helen Gurley Brown)

A painful, illuminating, exasperating article by David Goldhill on the problems beneath the problems of the health care system, from the perspective of a free-market capitalist

I found each of these articles upsetting and frustrating, along with challenging and educational.  What more can you ask for…


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