My Secret Crush


6 October 2009

For some time now, I’ve been growing increasingly fond of Craig Ferguson.  I knew I was hooked when, one (late late) night, after having had a rather unpleasant argument with my life mate, I was watching Craig with the earphones hooked into the TV — just to be doing anything at all that did not involve confronting said mate in the bedroom — and I found myself laughing out loud. Continually.  For about half an hour.

Of course, Craig has the good fortune — ratings-wise — of being scheduled opposite Jimmy Fallon.  Who — despite his run on SNL and charming performance in FEVER PITCH — is cringingly unwatchable in the Late-Late venue (although, if you’ve ever seen his “Head Swap” bit, that’s pretty funny.  But that’s really the only thing that’s funny.)

If you’ve never watched Craig, keep him in mind for those insomniac (or post-spousal-argument nights).  He’s doing something none of the other late-show hosts are doing; he’s just being silly. (And, ok, a little bit bawdy.  But in a silly sort of way.)  I don’t think I realized just how nourishing plain old silly can be.

And since the dust-up with Letterman last Thursday (I’d post the amazingly bizarre, fascinating, vaguely disturbing mea culpa video here, but CBS has confiscated it from YouTube), where he confessed to being blackmailed by a CBS producer who knew that he’d been sleeping with his female staffers (“To that I say, ‘Yes.  Yes I have,'” said Letterman to his live studio audience), I’ve been hearing more and more praise of Craig.  To the tune of, “I only watch Letterman so I can get to Craig Ferguson anyway.”

Here are a couple of recent NY Times pieces:

About his show

About his recently released memoir


5 Responses to “My Secret Crush”

  1. Eric Says:

    Craig Ferguson could read a phonebook and I’d pay to hear it. Such an enjoyable voice.

  2. Danny Says:

    I recently watched a movie with him in it called “Saving Grace.” It’s worth watching.

    • sonyachung Says:

      DP, I had no idea he had a movie career, too. Will have to check that out. (Thanks again for coming by last night!)

  3. Sean Gaffney Says:

    I’m with you, Sonya. I’d go a step further to say that Craig also has the ability to combine being silly with being real. For example:

    • sonyachung Says:

      I really want to watch that clip, Sean! But I’m in a place that is not allowing me the luxury of streaming video.

      I’m mulling over a post for The Millions about the comic voice, and I’ll definitely find a way to weave Craig into it.

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