Women and Omnivores


23 October 2009

The “Omnivore” blog at Bookforum.com is not unlike the periodic Web “roundups” of many literary blogs, except that it seems to me more truly omnivorous, even as it is also more specific, i.e. topical.  Which I love.

Here is a fascinating roundup of essays, articles, explorations, and reviews on the topic of “What Women Want.”  I started with the piece about  why men catcall — because I’ve been disturbed by and angsty about this for some time now.  But that piece is just the appetizer here.  I can’t help but wonder, how do readers keep from getting bloated after gorging on all this content?  (And I’m already three posts behind at Omnivore.  Posts on economics and foreign policy already making my mouth water.)

This wondering not at all specific to Bookforum or Omnivore, of course.  Just another “analogians anonymous” shrug-with-cross-eyes.


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