The Steering Wheel Laptop Desk – No Kidding


6 November 2009

My old friend Sean Gaffney makes me laugh.

Read here about his exploits with the Steering Wheel Laptop Desk.



2 Responses to “The Steering Wheel Laptop Desk – No Kidding”

  1. Lisa N.R. Says:

    Is that real?

  2. Lisa N.R. Says:

    Apropos of gadgets, M. just ordered…ta-da…The Bacon Genie. The Bacon Genie is a sort of microwave clothesline for 12 strips of oink with a little Aladdin’s lamp-shaped pitcher to catch the grease. I laughed so hard when he opened the package.

    Apropos of writing hurts, he also ordered an old-fashioned ice bag, the kind you put on your head for a hangover. perfect for my stiff neck.

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