Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT


8 November 2009

Have you seen the new Michael Jackson film yet?  At The Millions, I write about my experience watching it last week – which is a little different from a “review.”  But those of you who’ve read my essays at The Millions know that I only write reviews “sort of” if I write them at all.

A great comment on the essay from a reader:

At my six-year-old’s incessant and ardent insistence, I viewed This Is It last night–with no expectations. Your description of the viewing experience is exactly like my own. I walked out of the theater feeling that my days, while not by any means empty, could certainly be fuller and more filled with love. This Is It is the anti-cynicism. It makes you bust moves in the theater parking lot and drive home hungry for life.




2 Responses to “Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT”

  1. Mimi Says:

    I remember reading your essay about the movie and finally a few weeks ago watched it by myself on iPad/Netflix “instant watch” (live stream), late at night. I CRIED and CRIED throughout the movie, surprised by my own grief at his loss, our loss.

  2. sonyachung Says:

    Right? I was surprised by my reaction, as well. I went in comfortable in my cynicism. I was playing “Man in the Mirror” on my ipod today.

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