Amazon Sucks Up to Literary Agents


10 November 2009

Amazon sucks up to literary agents – Crain’s New York Business

That’s not my headline, but it’s funny, no?

Apparently, Amazon flew in (to Seattle) a group of “top” literary agents to meet and hash out e-book pricing, Kindle versions, etc.  Or to allay fears.  Or to make friends.  It’s a bit unclear.  Something about simultaneous publication of hardcovers and e-books, as opposed to holding off on e-book editions.  Reminds me a lot of the film business — DVD releases happening closer and closer to theatrical releases, sometimes simultaneous and thus “cannibalizing” the movie-going dollars.

Or something like that.

Is a book worth $25?  Will The Market decide that a book is only worth $9.99 tops?  Will the increasing inability of writers to write, because they have to spend more and more time earning income doing other things, affect literary quality in a significant way over time?

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.


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