Pre-pub Rec of Long for This World From Library Journal


18 November 2009

Just came across this October pre-pub mention of Long for This World.  Kind of exciting!

Featuring Sonya Chung, Chang-Rae Lee, Mark Spragg, and David Cruise

By Barbara Hoffert — Library Journal, 10/1/2009 10:31:00 AM

Books can take you places. In this edition’s fiction, Sonya Chung and Chang-Rae Lee travel to Korea, while Philip Kerr and Craig Nova visit 1930s Berlin. Also in fiction, Mark Spragg heads out West, as do nonfiction authors Laura Bell, memoirist of her life in Montana, and David Cruise and Alison Griffiths, biographers of Wild Horse Annie.

[The blurb on LFTW:]

Having fled Korea for America in 1953, Han returns with his daughter, a war photographer injured in Baghdad. What recommends this first novel? Chung’s many honors, including a Pushcart Prize nomination and the Charles Johnson Fiction Award. Plus publisher support, as evidenced by the reading group guide and other book club materials. See Chung’s Facebook page.

Here’s the link to the full Library Journal entry.


3 Responses to “Pre-pub Rec of Long for This World From Library Journal”

  1. Chris K. Says:

    Congratulations Sonya! This is ridiculously exicting! Here begins your roller coaster ride to (novel) literary fame-dom! The reading group guide material is also very nice.
    Again, hearty congrats Sonya!
    Chris K.

  2. Things are really getting exciting! Can’t wait to read it….

  3. Lisa N.R. Says:


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