Tell-All Tales of a Mid-List Author


29 November 2009

This mid-list author’s (anonymous) account of the publishing experience over a 15-year period was a rough Monday morning read.

But thanks to Jane Austen Doe for laying it out (as a young writer, I recognize and appreciate the benevolence of this, since she forewent the byline); I find these no-holds-barred publishing confessionals to be weirdly comforting.  I guess knowing is better than not-knowing?  It doesn’t make me despair, it makes me… more relaxed.  There’s only so much you can do as a writer, foremost of which is writing writing writing and doing everything you can to maintain and nurture the joy of the work itself over the long haul.  Nothing else will sustain you through these kinds of harrowing ego-roller-coasters; that much seems clear.

Easier said than done; you’ll see what I mean after reading this.


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