Sex, Salter, and the GMNs


13 January 2010

Check out my essay at The Millions, “Sex, Seriously: James Salter Trumps the Great Male Novelists.

I suspect it’s not the most comfortable topic for most people; maybe even less so for “the younger generation” that Katie Roiphe refers to in “The Naked and the Conflicted”, the article to which the essay responds.

According to the blog stats, the essay (posted yesterday) was widely read (or at least clicked); and yet little commented on.  Hmm… I suppose this makes sense, i.e. in the essay I write that talking or writing “about” sex is like “dancing about architecture” (Elvis Costello said this, maybe).  Still, I’m curious how readers feel/think about this topic.   I did receive a few comments via personal email.

Thanks to Maud Newton for linking to the piece.

Update 1/18/10: comments rolled in, with some great reading suggestions.


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