Things Come Together


3 February 2010

Sometimes, yes, Things Fall Apart; but today, they come together…

27 days to release of Long for This World.  This first shipment of hard covers are in, and tomorrow I’ll actually see it/hold it in my hand.

Press release, book group guide, events, hope for reviews, a book trailer (!) — things are happenin’.  How about that.

A gratifying convergence: my mentor from graduate school David Shields has a new book coming out in February, Reality Hunger: A Manifesto.  Look out next week for a meaty two-part interview-conversation we put together for The Millions.  It’s fun (for me) to see us criss-crossing on book tour, like here, at Brookline Booksmith (scroll down) and here at McNally Jackson.

Another piece of “coming together” good news is forthcoming; I could tell you right now, but then, well, I’d have to kill you.  And that would be terrible.


2 Responses to “Things Come Together”

  1. eeleenlee Says:

    congratulations on publishing your book! it must be thrilling

    • sonyachung Says:

      Thanks so much — it’s a lot of things at once, I’d say!

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