McNally Jackson Event – SoHo, March 10


6 March 2010

I love this little write-up that the folks at McNally Jackson have at their Web site, and at Bookforum — it’s a real person talking, as opposed to announcement-speak:

Sonya is a debut novelist, one I’ve been eager to get into our store for a while now. Her Long for This World is a powerful, political, story of a Korean-American family in turmoil. It’s the story of a return to the peninsula, and the struggle to place oneself. Reviewers are calling it graceful, assured and intricate, but you’ll forgive me for calling it, simply, good.

Fantastic bookstore, come for both the reading and the venue.  A couple of months ago, I brought a fiction class to the store so we could look at literary journals/possible places to submit work, and talk a bit about publishing and bookselling — a book biz field trip.  Friendly, passionate Dustin spent a half hour with us talking about bookselling, marketing, why an online retailer is simply no substitute for a neighborhood bookstore, and how independent bookstores support authors — in a human-to-human way — as Amazon never can.  (It was also enlightening for all of us to learn that the displays in chain bookstores are purchased by publishers — this is called “co-op” — whereas the displays in independent bookstores are, by and large, curated lovingly by the staff.  Same with the books which are positioned “face-out” on the shelves.)

Come out for the reading if you’re in town!  We’re in the groove now, the Q&As are getting meaty and memorable…

McNally Jackson Books
Wednesday, March 10 @ 7pm
52 Prince Street, between Lafayette and Mulberry

*Fun update — a photo (thanks, Tommy!) of the window display.  Sharing window space with my grad school mentor David Shields, who I interviewed at The Millions just a couple weeks ago!


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