News Rolls In


17 March 2010

MORE Magazine featured Long for This World as a “Books We’re Buzzing About.”  Check it out.  I admit it’s nice to have one’s book associated with the word “buzz.”

At Open Letters Monthly/Like Fire, a lovely, crisply-written, and astute review of Long for This World.   It’s wonderful when you feel a reviewer (Lisa Peet) really “got” your book and is even able to articulate (better than you yourself) the subterranean emotions and themes that you care about most.  Here’s the intro to the review:

When a novel, particularly a debut novel, is referred to as “ambitious,” there’s usually an implicit “but” present. In Long for This World, Sonya Chung takes on the dynamics of family—what draws it together and what pulls it apart—through the eyes of a number of players, male and female, old and young, Korean and Korean-American. Both her subject matter and her approach are ambitious, to say the least. The only “but” in my reaction, however, is but she pulls it off—and admirably.


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