Up in the Air


24 March 2010

Does everyone know that Boston = Beantown?  News to me (who sometimes has been accused of living under a rock).

Anyhoo, here I am — soon to get back on el Megabus and head back to NYC.  Thanks, Boston/Brookline — I hardly knew ye.  A more detailed report on the visit, with pics, forthcoming.

In the meantime, I’m late in linking to my recent post at The Millions — a consideration of the film UP IN THE AIR.  Warning: spoiler alert, and expletive alert.  If that doesn’t scare you off, check it out.


One Response to “Up in the Air”

  1. margosita Says:

    I did not know that. But now that you mention it, it does it explain some of the comments a friend recently made regarding her trip to Boston.

    Do you know why it’s called Beantown?

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