Pics, Pics, and More Pics


1 April 2010

Catching up and gathering up photos that others have sent my way — thanks to all!  Unfortunately, I a) don’t have a real camera (just the Crackberry) and b) don’t have the picture-taking instinct, so often miss the moments.  So truly, I am indebted.

These first ones (courtesy of novelist Sung J. Woo) from the Asian American Writers’ Workshop reading with Nami Mun (who is a genius, by the way, and so much fun):

This event was wow.  Incredibly fun and engaging for us the authors, and (attendees have expressed) very memorable and inspiring for the audience — the Q&A must have gone on for over an hour!  The whole thing was videotaped, so I look forward to revisiting and possibly posting somewhere for all to enjoy.  My favorite comment from an attendee, who wrote me a note the next day:  It was nice to listen to your words leaping out of your book as you read. Thank you for sharing your work.

Speaking of leaping, this next one makes me stupid happy:

Long for This World has gotten some wonderful review coverage in a couple of women’s magazines; and one reading attendee even pointed out to me in the Q&A that the readership for the book seems potentially very female.  Which is all good!  But here, at City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco, the book is face out, sharing shelf space with Roth, Vonnegut, Hwang Sunwon, and Dave Eggers.  It’s saying, “Read me, men!”  The cover obviously highlights a female character, but there are a number of male characters in the book who are dear to my heart and, in my absurdly non-objective opinion, as complex and engaging as the female ones.

Ok, last — from friends Sarah and Jane:

Border’s at Time Warner Center; and B&N Court Street, Park Slope, and Lincoln Center.

Why is it so delightful to see one’s book on the shelves at a bookstore?  I guess it’s the real-worldness of it.  You labor in the dark for so long, every glimpse of incarnation is a kind of mini-celebration.

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  1. pds Says:

    Seattle tomorrow! Woo hoo!

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