Dips and Valleys


13 April 2010

I’ve started a few different posts here but can’t seem to finish anything.  Something about this book touring experience does deplete.  What exactly is depleted I’m not quite sure.  No perspective on it yet.  I want to compare it to Broadway actors, performing the same show over and over (though it’s nowhere near that demanding, of course); and I wonder what the wisdom is among those actors, about finding your center, your energy, your will, to externalize, night after night.  From whence comes the nourishment, the repletion?

All this to say that I do feel a weird responsibility to pop in here and say Hey, I’m still here, but somehow explain my present inclination to retreat and speak not.


2 Responses to “Dips and Valleys”

  1. pds Says:

    I find it fascinating that you feel the need to explain why you aren’t blogging. I’m much the same way, apologizing to my three faithful readers. Why do we do that to ourselves?

  2. sonyachung Says:

    I do feel that — when I get to Day 3 or 4 of not blogging. Isn’t that interesting? I guess because people actually “come” here (as opposed to Facebook, where most people just “are.”) It’s not unlike a regular “meeting,” i.e. if you don’t show up, you feel you should let people know.

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