Marilynne Robinson on The Daily Show


18 July 2010

Posting this a bit late, but found it rather surprising: Marilynne Robinson appeared on “The Daily Show” on July 8.

Surprising that Jon Stewart invited her (nothing particularly funny to talk about here), and surprising that she appeared (she agrees to interviews somewhat rarely). Hmm… hoping perhaps this means we’ll hear a little more from Ms. Robinson via interviews in the future.

Her new book, Absence of Mind, is about, among other things, the “unnecessary division” between science and religion. “The gladiators from both sides are inferior representatives of both sides,” she says.

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Marilynne Robinson
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One Response to “Marilynne Robinson on The Daily Show”

  1. Danny Says:

    I was so ready to be against Robinson in this interview, but in the end she ended up making such great points that I came away rather impressed.

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