Julian Schnabel’s Polaroids


22 July 2010

Julian Schnabel is known for his ego — an artist who perhaps better than anyone inhabits/embodies the non-normative fullness of that word; neither “good” nor “bad,” just what it is.   He’s a polymath, and a talented one, and I confess that his ball-busting, I-could-give-a-fuck attitude intrigues me, despite myself.  Not to mention his just-do-it creative output.  I’m a wildly successful painter; I think I’ll make a movie now, and a really good one. And now another one, and another, and I think I’ll learn French so I can make this third one (and win Best Director at Cannes and at the Oscars)…

Flavorwire describes Schnabel as “one of the most motivated creative forces of the past 40 years.”

(It is not lost on me that my last post was about “the ambition of growing okra.”  Clearly, we are cut from different cloth, Mr. Schnabel and me. Likely the root of the intrigue…)

Now Schnabel has a new exhibit of large-format Polaroids, with accompanying monograph.  More info here.

Here’s a link to a radio interview with Elvis Mitchell from 2008.


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