Let Sleeping Pigs Lie


21 August 2010

So this is what we do in the country: we go to the annual county fair.  The pigs were huge, and noisy, and crowded together in small pens.  But these two managed to find some repose.

What you realize when you’re around farmers is the very particular disposition that country people have toward animals — something between deep affection and all-business realism.  Or more like a layering of the two.  These pigs — and the baby goats and lambs and cows — were all waiting their turn to go up for auction.  At the risk of stating the obvious: for several months, these animals are something like beloved pets; now, they are all meat. We city folks, we tend not to think too much about how this happens.  These animals, by the way, were all raised via the local 4-H club, meaning they were raised by teens-in-training.

This photo was taken from the ferris wheel.  We also rode that spinny-swirly thing in the center of the photo.

Good fun, lots of greasy food.  Farewell, summer.


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