Maud N. and Jessa C. Like Different Books


2 November 2010

I love this, from Maud Newton, “When You and Your Friends Love Different Books.” And, very much agree about Somerset Maugham.

I myself need to get better at graciousness and at not jumping to character judgment:  What?!  You think Chekhov is boring?!  Off with your head!

(But this divergence of passions, this being moved/spoken to by different books, styles, authors… speaks to something I was trying to express in my essay at The Millions this week about good writing and great writing and how we, as writing teachers, might want to err toward the generous in terms of which students we encourage; i.e how well can we really judge a student’s potential greatness?  Is my job to encourage only the sort of work that I would read?  Would I have told Adam Levin to hang on to his day job?)

ps – don’t forget to vote!


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