The People of Egypt


2 February 2011

I was so moved by this video segment on Democracy Now this morning (forward to 15:50).  It caught me off guard; I got choked up.  Something about the confidence, the peacefulness, the calm and dignified truth-telling of the protestors.  Their expressions about why they are there, what they want, are so deeply reasonable.  They are cleaning up their trash in the square.  They have claimed the inevitability of effecting this change.  Men and women are all out there together.

One woman said, “I have nothing to lose now.  I have already said ‘down with Mubarak’ on TV.  If he doesn’t go, then we all go down; we go, as they say, behind the sun.”  She said all this smiling, fearless.  Another man said, “The relationship between Mubarak and the people has ended.”  Simple as that, like lovers parting ways.

This was all yesterday, though.  Today, a different story.  What a thing to witness, what a time to be alive… our hearts are with the Egyptian people.


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