All Salter


8 April 2011

The Paris Review online has published a lovely series of essays on James Salter – by Jhumpa Lahiri, Porochista Khakpour, Ian Crouch, Geoff Dyer, and more.  All this leading up to their annual Spring Revel, where Salter will be honored with their Hadada Prize.

If you’ve been in and around my blog, you know how I feel about Mr. Salter.  It all started with A Sport and a Pastime, a few years back, and I’ve read all his work since (the stories perhaps amaze me most).  I spent a very memorable day with him at his home in Bridgehampton last winter, and I’ve written (am in the process of revising) a profile, which will appear in Tin House in December 2011.

Also, Checkerboard Films is making a documentary on Salter, which will premiere at an event in late May.  If I make the cut, you’ll see me as a talking head.

I’m so delighted to see this “writer’s writer” receive (at 85) all the recognition and accolades he deserves.


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