Authors at Work


9 April 2011

These are pretty great (from LIFE Magazine via Flavorwire) and seem to me the ultimate in “literary eye candy.”  Why is this?  I suppose we love to witness the creative process, like beholding a magician.  At the same time, these are obviously posed.  Maybe we need to uphold the illusion, the fantasy, that it’s not all sweat and tears, that there is glamour somewhere in the writing process.

Love this – Alfred Hitchcock with his hunt-and-peck, and stocked bar


Dorothy Parker – smoke-and-type


Tennessee Williams – oblivious to clutter


The ultimate romanticised Hemingway

Here’s my own (verbal) version of “author-at-work.”  More portraits over at Flavorwire.


One Response to “Authors at Work”

  1. Wendy Says:

    What a great group of photos, although I think they should be called Famous Authors And Their Typewriters And Cigarettes. I’m not sure famous authors and their laptops has the same romantic ring to it, although perhaps in fifty years laptops will be considered quaint.

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