James Salter the Documentary


21 July 2011

This spring I had the great privilege of being interviewed for “James Salter: A Sport and a Pastime,” a new documentary from Checkerboard Films — directed and produced by Sandy Gotham Meehan and Edgar B. Howard, also directed and edited by Tom Piper.  It was a pleasure to speak on film about my admiration for Salter’s work.

Others featured in the film include the late Reynolds Price (whose on-camera readings from A Sport and a Pastime are unforgettable), Robert Redford, Nick Antosca, Salter’s daughter Nina Salter (a publisher in Paris), several other editors, writers, and friends, and, of course, Jim Salter himself.

You can purchase the DVD of the film directly from Checkerboard here.

I also had the privilege of attending the film’s premiere back in May.  Thanks to Checkerboard’s Executive Director Muffie Dunn for sending along these photos from the event.  A most memorable evening…

Greeting Jim Salter


Listening to Ed Hirsch tell a great story about another Salter admirer, Susan Sontag

*After the screening, with director Ed Howard


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