Post-40 Bloomer: Walker Percy


1 March 2012

The very smart and thoughtful Lisa Peet of Like Fire tells us a happy-ending story (boy, don’t we need it?) about late-bloomer Walker Percy, over at The Millions.  On writing The Moviegoer, at age 44:

I can only report that something did happen and it happened all of a sudden. Other writers have reported a similar experience. It is not like learning a skill or a game at which, with practice, one gradually improves. One works hard all right, but what comes, comes all of a sudden and as a breakthrough. One hits on something… It is almost as if the discouragement were necessary, that one has first to encounter despair before one is entitled to hope.

I have four of Percy’s books on my shelf and haven’t read any of them.  He’s been on my must-read list for years.  Not sure what the hang-up is.  At the moment it’s (lack of) time, but I’m newly inspired to get on it.


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