13 May 2012

I’ll be spending the next month at an artists’ colony – four much-needed weeks in the woods, mostly off-the-grid, before teaching again in July. ┬áSo: I’ll see you all on the other side!

2 May 2012

At The Millions today, this month’s Post-40 Bloomer, poet Spencer Reece. (Actually, this is April’s feature, but it took me longer than I’d expected to write, so it’s only posting today.) ┬áTake a look – Reece’s story is exemplary of the post-40 bloomer, I think, in all its life-living, art-making richness.

One thing I did not manage to cover in my piece is the fact that James Franco, when he was a film student at Yale, approached Reece, who was a Divinity student there at the same time, about making a short film based on Reece’s poem “The Clerk’s Tale.” I was focusing so much on studying Reece’s poetry, that I decided not to watch the film; I thought it would take my mind in a completely different direction I didn’t want to go.

But, in case you’re interested, here’s a synopsis and some stills, from Cannes, where the film was a closing night feature.