18 July 2012

New writing notebooks, environmentally friendly, $1.99!  It’s the little things, sometimes…


Oh, and there’s Pax’s little nose sticking out from underneath the desk. Hiding from the heat, I guess.

Pet Links


6 July 2012

You know I can’t resist pet-related news and literature.  Links from Bookforum’s Omnivore here.

Pax, 4th of July, Riverside Park

5 July 2012

New Yorkers have spoken, and they have been heard.  “The adopted city budget restores $39.6 million of the $42.6 million proposed cut to The New York Public Library.”  This happened on June 28, when the city proposed its annual budget.  Read the press release here.

Also, a heartwarming story about a town called McAllen, Texas, where an abandoned Walmart building was turned into the largest single-story public library in the United States.  Word is getting around all over again because the interior design firm won the 2012 Library Interior Design Competition.

Hoorah for public services that feed the mind and the soul.