17 February 2009

“It’s not that he’s a Luddite — he buys songs on iTunes and does late-night YouTubing like everyone else — or a misanthrope who believes that art was better in someone else’s day.  ‘I know there’s great stuff out there.  But I don’t want to be influenced by stuff that’s going on around me.  I’m more interested in consuming stuff that’s stood the test of time and the hard work of filtering has already happened…’

“For Mr. Ward… success has been a slow and steady build.  In the decade since he moved to Portland to record his first album, he has supported himself through music —  a reflection of the city’s livability as well as his career as a sideman.”  

Part of my ongoing tracking of other “analogians.”  See what else indie musician M. Ward has to say about the “homemade” in this NY Times article (2/15/09).  Ward’s new album released today.

It’s all happening in Portland these days, isn’t it?  I hope the city is able to keep its DIY soul for years to come. Speaking of which, check out my friend Elizabeth Dye’s blog.  After grad school, where we first met, E. decided she wanted to “teach herself how to sew.”  Now she’s an acclaimed fashion designer and co-owner of The English Dept, a boutique in Portland.