12 November 2012

Today, my brief look at “forced mobility,” i.e. exile, at The Common.  

With the displacement of so many during Hurricane Sandy—separation from home, identity, stability—my monthly reflection on mobility took me to various perspectives on exile, by writers who’ve lived it first-hand.  Roberto Bolano‘s position is especially interesting.

Also: today Bloom launches!  Come visit us at this new literary site and community.

Bolano image via jeansilver/flickr


7 July 2010

At The Millions we’ve put together a “Most Anticipated” releases preview, with blurbs on all the books (well, clearly not all) you should be excited about in the next months.  Add your own in the comments.  My blurb contributions: Alex Ross‘s Listen to This and Milan Kundera‘s Encounter.

In addition to those two, I’m looking forward to more Bolano translations, Karen Russell‘s debut novel, and a new one from Michael Cunningham in which the notion that “everybody is a little bit gay” is explored.