Bethanne Patrick on LFTW


24 June 2010

A nice mention from Bethanne Patrick, host of The Book Studio, on her blog:

I love literary fiction.

There. I said it. I will no longer be ashamed! I love fiction that explores questions without necessarily giving answers, that eschews happy endings for meaningful ones, and allows characters to transcend archetypal roles.

Sonya Chung believes in literary fiction, too — and it’s what she writes. Her first novel, “Long for This World,” hits another thing that I love, however:

I love fiction about other places in the world.

Is it because my parents had stacks of National Geographic magazines in the basement? Maybe it’s due to my love of actual travel, which my parents also supported.

Chung has written a book that shows Korea and Koreans in a natural light. I so enjoyed speaking with her about “Long for this World,” and I hope you will enjoy watching us, too.


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